Compact Tractor Root Grapple 1RGCMP

Compact Tractor Root Grapple

The Construction Attachments Compact Tractor Root Grapple is designed for Compact Tractor Loaders and comes with the standard universal quick attach. The Compact Root Grapple is the ideal attachment for removal of debris such as rocks, roots, trash and general site clean-up. Take the toil and leave the soil! At Construction Attachments we have heard the request for a full blown root grapple for compact tractors that is light enough to work with tractor loaders but of superior design that is equal to today’s powerful four wheel drive compact tractors. We have it and man did we nail this one. Read on to see how we’ve answered the demands for this product line that have been absent to date for a compact grapple.

Completely Redesigned, Stronger than ever.

Weights are: 54″ – 455 lbs., 60″ – 472 lbs., 66″ – 500 lbs., & 72″ – 525 lbs.

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  • 54″ & 60″ widths have 8 tines
  • 66″ & 72″ widths have 9 tines
  • Max opening is 29.32″
  • Pin on and John Deere mounts available for a $125.00 special build fee.
  • Free shipping within 1,000 miles!


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